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Understanding Self Esteem and Confidence

Self Esteem is just that--esteem of one's self. It can be built and it can be torn by what we allow in our spirit. If it is not in such a good place we can allow others to manage it other than yourself. Self esteem is built through what we take in daily, what we believe about our self, and those whom we allow to speak to us and what we allow. You have to build your self esteem daily. Some things you can do is dress up even when you don't "feel" like it, look yourself in the mirror daily and believe every word you speak positively about you, think positive, cast down negative thoughts, take selfies often, groom yourself nicely,and last but not least repeat daily affirmations. Learn to love who you truly are.

Self confidence can be defined as your assessment of your own self-worth. In partly it can be described to be just like self esteem,

however confidence takes you to levels in life you never thought you could achieve just because you're confident. It may take time to build confidence, but start with self esteem and work yourself up to the level of confidence that may seem to scare you -- after all your best work is outside of your comfort zone and you will finally see yourself being that young lady or guy that you never thought you could be.

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